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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Let's face it – home owners might feel a bit compelled to clean their own tile and grout by hand.  But it can be a backbreaking, knee aching and an arm numbing exercise in futility.  How very disappointing it can be when your new home or newly laid tile can so quickly lose its brightness and cleanliness when real life happens.

Over time, spilled beverages, bleach, shoes dragging in abrasive sand, mud and dirt can dampen any homeowners' pride in what was their fresh, unstained, tile floor.

We can bring back that new home tile revitalized freshness with our high pressure, hot water system.  It will make you get off your knees, throw away that makeshift toothbrush grout cleaner and embrace the professional expertise of Crown Carpet Cleaning.  Grout and tile will smile once again and give back that new home feeling you experienced when you first established your home.

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